The Different Pros And Cons Of Having Modern Tattoos

There are different pros and cons to all aspects of life with one of these areas being modern tattooing. As tattooing has been associated with high social standings, as well as being a symbol of criminality; the tattoos have become both a positive and negative component of modern life. This article will provide information on the different pros and cons to having tattoos.

What Are The Different Benefits Of Having Modern Tattoos?

1. A Form Of Self-Expression

Tattoos are considered one of the best methods to display your individuality without saying a single word. Worn by the individual, the tattoo can say something by the person regardless of whether they choose to show the tattoo to the world or not. A tattoo is an element that the wearer can hold on to and acts as an artistic extension of the person. The tattoo could present with various meanings, one of the most obvious beings that they love the item represented such as a jellyfish or fairy.

2. Entering A New Community

While you may not be able to score the job on Wall Street, by having a modern tattoo you will be introduced to a new tattoo community. Whether it is enjoying conventions or participating in the alternative art scene, there are various alternative communities in the tattooing scene that support each other when the mainstream society shuns individuals.

3. Meeting New People

Despite people feeling you are less sociable when they see your tattoos, other individuals may be intrigued and want to share their tattoo experiences. Two people having “ink” or sharing an interest in tattoos is a good conversation starter as it is a common interest among the new acquaintances. Many lifelong friends have been made because of this common interest.

4. The Tattoos Age With You

With good care and continued tattoo improvements, it is possible to maintain tattoos for several years to come. Despite people thinking that tattoos will begin to look terrible as one age, evidence shows that tattoos can make someone appear more “badass” when older. Each person’s body is shaped differently and this does not mean the tattoo will make your body look less attractive as it ages.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Modern Tattoos

1. A Tattoo Can Limit Your Career Opportunities

While modern society is becoming more accepting of tattoos, the tattoo still presents with a specific type of stigma and this negatively affects your career opportunities. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will land a white-collar office job if you have visible face or hand tattoos – even if you are highly qualified.

2. Putting Your Body On Display

It is considered that people using body art are aiming to have others view their tattoos and share their opinion on the tattoos. Yet, there is nothing more annoying for a tattooed individual than being dissected regarding each tattoo on their body. When you begin having modern tattoos, you must be prepared for the constant questions about them and why you choose to have them done. In fact, some people are so frustrated that they tattoo “do not ask me about my tattoos” on their bodies – you can be certain that some people will continue to ask questions.

3. A Risky Act

One of the greatest drawbacks to having a tattoo is that it presents with various health problems and is a risk to one’s physical well-being. This is why it is essential that the tattoo artist is certified and the tattooing is done in a hygienic area that meets all safety regulations. The certified artists will also ensure the quality of the piece through application, design, and even healing.

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